Blu-ray to iPhone Ripper for Mac

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For iPhone fans, Blu ray to iPhone Ripper for Mac is a magic helper which can help them to rip Blu ray movies to iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, so they can enjoy the BD Harry Potter series and other popular movies with your iPhone. This software remove all known AACS copy protections, BD+ copy protections, Region Code, BD-Live, UOPs, and even newly released MKB V25 when ripping Blu-ray.

Mac Blu-ray to iPhone Ripper provide you an easy way to rip Blu ray movies to iPhone. Only three steps will get your files, so the beginners will operate smoothly. The powerful software also provide several edit funtions for users, you can using the "Merge" "Effect" "Crop" "Trim" function to edit your files. And the "Preference" function will help you to create your own movies.


How to rip Blu ray to iPhone on Mac

Why we need to rip Blu-ray disc video to iPhone?
As to Blu-ray, it is a big problem for iPhone fans- iPhone doesn't support its formats. So you need Blu-ray to iPhone Ripper for Mac to help you rip Blu-ray files to iPhone supported video or audio formats on Mac. After ripping Blu ray, you can enjoy and Blu ray movies with your iPhone anytime and anywhere.

This guide will shows you how to use the hot software to rip Blu ray movies to iPhone on Mac OS X.

Step 1: Download and run.

Download Blu-ray to iPhone Ripper for Mac, and run it. You can see its friendly interface below:

Step 2: Load Blu-ray.

Click "Load Bu-ray" button to input your Blu-ray files.

Step 3: Select output video format.

Click "Profile" drop-down list and to choose a video format compatible with iPhone, such as MPEG-4.

Step 4: Edit video.

Tip 1: Adjust video effect.

Select your Blu-ray file, and hit "Effect" button to open the following window:

Here are some options about the effect: Brightness, Saturation, Volume, Contrast, and Hue. Just drag their bars to adjust the parameters. On the right window, the output video effect will change accordingly.

Tip 2: Crop video.

During conversion, you might find some sections of the movie are not necessary, so cut them out with the "Crop" button.

One way is to open the "Crop" window, and pitch on the box "Keep Aspect Ratio" and select a option below it. On the right, you can make a choice of Zoom Mode as you wish.
Or you can also modify the data of "Left", "Top", "Width", and "Height" to customize the screen size.

Step 5: Convert.

At last, click "Convert" button to start to rip Blu-ray to iPhone on Mac.

This Mac Blu-ray to iPhone Ripper is easy to use. And it provides the fastest speed and quality. Just download it and have a try.

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